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Life of an Appliance . . . How long do home components last?


How Long Do Home Components Last?


I am sure most will find this bit of information interesting. The National Association of Home Builders and Bank of America together did a study on the life expectancy of home components.
Taking a look at the age of appliances, technology, and home equipment is important whether you are making purchasing decisions, looking at resale, or considering investing in rental property.

Life expectancy of any appliance depends on the use it receives and most appliances are replaced before they are worn out because of consumer preferences.

Gas Ranges        15 years
Dryers              13 years
Refrigerators    13 years
Dishwashers       9 years
Microwaves        9 years
Compactors        6 years

Cabinetry & Storage
Kitchens have been getting larger and more elaborate. More kitchens encompass the great room which creates a place for people gather to read, eat, do homework, surf the net, and pay bills.
Kitchen Cabinets           50 years
Medicine Cabinets        20 years     

In recent years with the wave of the popularity of the use of stone, many countertops have been replaced before they are worn out because of consumer preferences too.

Natural Stone Countertops        Can last a lifetime.
Cultured Marble Countertops    20 years

Life expectancy of wooden decks very significantly due to the wide range of conditions in different climates; also to be considered is the amount of foliage that is around and near the deck too.


Wooden Decks    20 years (under ideal conditions)      

The life expectancy of doors is really something most of us never really consider when looking at than older home but if you are an investor you probably do.

Exterior Doors (fiberglass, steel, & wood)    Can last a lifetime.
Exterior Doors (vinyl)                                 20 & 40 years
Exterior Doors (screen doors)                      20 & 40 years
Interior Doors                                            Expected to last a lifetime.

Faucets & Fixtures (Kitchen & Bath)
With a little continued maintenance some can have an unlimited lifespan.

Kitchen Sinks (modified acrylic)        50 years
Kitchen Faucets                                15 years
Shower Heads                                  Expected to last a lifetime.
Shower Doors                                  20 years
Toilets                                            Unlimited Lifespan
Toilet Components                            Require usual maintenance.

This is something most people never really think about.

Garage Door Openers                           10 to 15 years
Garage Door Openers Light Inserts       20 years

Home Technology
This is another area that most people never think about.

Built-in Audio Systems                20 years
Security Systems                        5 to 10 years
Smoke Detectors                         5 to 10 years

Most buyers are concerned with the ages of heating and air conditioning systems; because this is one of the major expenses of houses.

HVAC Systems (with proper maintenance)       15 to 25 years
    Furnaces                                                   15 to 20 years
    Heat Pumps                                               16 years
    Air Conditioning Units                               10 to 15 years
Water Heaters (tankless)                               > 20 years
Water Heaters (gas & electric)                      10 years
Thermostats                                                  +/- 35 years

We built our house a little over 14 years. So far we have had to replace the hot water heater and garage door opener at about 10 years of age. We had to replace the refrigerator at 13 years. refrigeratorWe replaced all other kitchen appliances during a kitchen remodel at 13 years. We replaced our deck at 13 years. We had to replace our roof because of a massive “Mother’s Day” hail storm three years ago; thank goodness for good insurance!

Yesterday we had our first major drain clog which I have been advised to get our septic system pumped out. Next I am sure it will be the heat pump…. I’m not complaining I’m just glad I have a house!   

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Teresa - all great information, I will share with my clients as well as start paying attention to a few more items around my home.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) over 10 years ago

Teresa - Very well put together information.  Personally, I am hard on dishwashers and washing machines.  6 years is my tops!

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Teresa.. This is information that a lot of people should read and take note about.  This is some very good information.

BTW... Welcome back.. it is good to see you blogging again.

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Interesting, thanks for the information :D

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Hi Teresa!  WHAT a wealth of information here for your clients!  I love this list and hope you wouldn't mind my re-printing it?

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your all means you are more than welcome to share this info or reprint it to help buyers, sellers, yourself, etc. Trust me I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel!! Thanks again!!

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