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Variety is The Spice of Life . . . Including Active Rain


Variety is The Spice of Life . . . Including Active Rain


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You know how the saying goes . . . variety is the spice of life. Well I know that is true here at Active Rain too! Like so many here I too have my favorites for one reason or another. Some I know about what to expect before I even click over to their blogs and some I don't know until I get there and just wanting to be surprised.  


A few weeks ago Active Rain’s membership surpassed 100,000. There is so much talent here now and so much more to come. For the short time that I have been here I have met so many willing to share so much, so much that it would not be possible to learn this amount of information reading books or taking classes. Information about our industry but other information about daily living and tips in general . . . what a unique platform we have.


A lot of information here is right off the press and that is good do to the constant changes in the real estate industry. Taking this journey and sharing what we know will not only help us as individual agents but help our industry as a whole.


Here is a short list of my favorite bloggers on Active Rain. People from different towns and/or states and people from different professions yet related to real estate in some form or fashion; people with a voice on a variety of subjects that sprinkle my day when I log onto Active Rain.  


  • Debe Maxwell (Charlotte, NC) Even though Debe and I are virtual neighbors I enjoy reading her blogs about the city. Debe has the talent to make Charlotte shine, what an ambassador to Charlotte she is!


  • Katerina Gasset (Wellington, FL) Katerina shares so much on her blog. I know without a doubt when I get done reading one of hers I will have learned something new; freely sharing what she has learned along the way.


  • Leesa Finley (Wake Forest, NC) Leesa blogs a lot about historical properties, regional events, marketing ideas, and asks some questions. It never fails that some of the questions she asks are questions that I have wondered about, too so then we both get answered! Very savvy marketing ideas. 


  • Terri Leighton (Sparks, NV) Terri blogs are a mixed bag (just like mine). I enjoy reading her blogs because; in our emails back and forth I have learned that we are pretty much on the same learning curve here at Active Rain. It’s always nice to have an equal buddy along for the ride!


  • Chris Horton (Burton, MI) Chris' blogs some about his Chloey. We have been worried about Chloey’s condition and for now she is getting better, YEAH! I enjoy reading his blogs because; he is an animal lover, too.


  • Lola Audu (Grand Rapids, MI) One of Lola's blogs was the very first blog I read on Active Rain. Once I read her blog I was hooked. I knew when I read it I wanted to be a part of Active Rain, because I knew there had to be some really talented people here.


  • Karen Monsour (Coral Springs, FL) Karen blogs about a variety of topics. She is always open to people’s opinions and comments. She is founder of several Active Rain groups two of which I joined. She is planning to publish an Active Rain cookbook filled with original recipes from Active Rain members.  


  • Steve Hoffacker (West Palm Beach, FL) Steve has blogged about a variety of topics too. He has a lot of really neat stuff to share. Steve was the very first person to add me as an associate here at Active Rain. We not only have Active Rain in common, but we are westie owners too!   


  • Gary Woltal (Flower Mound, TX) Almost always Gary has motivational messages in his blogs. I go there daily to get plugged-in and energized. His “feel good” blogs will change your bad day into good. FUN is usually the topic. What a spice his talent brings to Active Rain!


  • Brad Andersohn (Fairfield, CA) Brad is the community builder at Active Rain. His blogs are always teaching something about Active Rain both new and old. Without reading his blogs I know we would be lost out in the Rain. 


  • Valerie Osterhoudt (Cromwell, CT) You just never know what Valerie's going to blog about in the Rain until you tune-in. She salts and peppers her blogs with a little business and little personal ingredients. But she always has some experiment going in the kitchen willing to share with us!


  • Robert Swetz (Las Vegas, NV) It's always a surprise to see what Robert has blogged about. He has away of mixing it up each time. He just started a blogging series “Great Success Tips and Advise.” I liked the first one and can’t wait for the second one. His Burma pictures are a must see! 


  • LaNita Cates (Plainfield, IL) LaNita blogs are little surprises too. But what I have read so far I can tell she's spunky, smart, and true to herself, no matter what. We share a lot of the same views, I am thinking of penciling her in, for President when I go to vote in November! 


  • Donna Harris (Dallas, TX soon to be Austin, TX) Donna's blogs are a mixture of sharing her personal life, thoughts, and regional information. I have learned more than a few things from her blogs! Can’t wait to hear about what it is like to start all over in a new town, being an agent. Mixed emotions I can imagine but I am sure that since she is a member in the Rain, she already has friends there too!  


  • Chris Pollinger (San Clemente, CA) Chris is the resident Master Coach. Visiting his blog is like visiting Home Depot and buying a tool that you need, but in this case you have a tool that you can incorporate into your business and it's FREE! If you look at his tags, on his blog, you will find something that resembles a reference book. A wealth of information, tips, and pointers.


  • Cheryl Gilliam (Hickory, NC) Cheryl shares her creative side with us the most. She sprinkles in some regional information which is great because she is just a few miles north of me. Who would have thought about making pillows out of place mats though? She is a dog lover too and has gorgeous pet friendly cabins nestled in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains.


Having mentioned some of my favorites these are all people from various backgrounds that have chosen a career that relates to real estate. Different towns and cities, different states, different professions, and different passions we can all learn from each other here in the Rain. One time in particular I blogged about Big Day On The Lake that took place here on Lake Norman. It was an event to help out Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I received an email from a fellow agent that read my blog and wanted to volunteer his boat for the event. Even though he was local he had no idea that there was such an event. 

Just think maybe today you will read someone's blog about an event or restaurant on Long Island, New York and luck may have it that someone from Long Island calls or walks into your office tomorrow. They are interested in looking at a few houses, to get a feel of the market because they are really thinking of moving to your area. Even though you may never have been to Long Island what you read today on Active Rain could help break the ice with new clients tomorrow!   

Here at Active Rain there are relationships that have been forged that will last a lifetime. We can learn from each other whether it is something to make us more GREEN, something for our pet, something to add to our recipe book, something about an event or town, something about a restaurant or business, something about an experience both personal and professional, something just to make our life more fun. It’s like taking a course in humanities with a purpose of making us more rounded and aware of everything around us. 

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Variety is The Spice of Life . . . including here at Active Rain!

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Teresa Harris is a Lake Norman Residential Real Estate Broker who can assist you with the purchase and/or sale of real estate in Lake Norman and surrounding counties. Please visit for your relocation and/or your local needs.

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